Kid Flash (Wally West)[edit | edit source]

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Wally West is the first Kid Flash in the speedsters group. Wally West is the son of Rudolph and Mary West. He isn't on good terms with his parents. He usually turns to his aunt and uncle, Barry and Iris West Allen, for moral support. He sometimes joins The Flash on his adventures. Wally West eventually sacrificed his life and was dissolved into the speed force. He was running with The Flash to stop a deadly weapon and he then faded away and died. Many of his teammates and other friends were devastated to see what happened. Now, Bart Allen, who was originally Impulse, has taken in the new role of being Kid Flash. Wally West had gotten his superspeed the same way The Flash got his, by accidentally being bathed in chemicals and being struck by lightning and developed superspeed. Wally had also donned part of The Flash's costume and became Kid Flash. Wally West was once part of the Teen Titans and took part of a show called "Young Justice", a league of young DC superheroes.

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